Welcome on the website of Mieke Cuppen Design studio. I am a tableware designer. Designing products for presenting and serving food and beverage is what I do. Over the years I've found my niche in this branch. Assignments for big clients are alternated with self initiated projects, sometimes in collaboration with designers or chefs. As a design label, tableware brand, chef, restaurant or designer you are welcome to meet me, my company and the possibilities I offer.
My studio is established in 2009. Over the years I have gained experience in the field of photography, food styling and eat concepts for festivals and events, in addition to the tableware designs I did. That's why on the page “foodstyling” you can find a selection of these projects. Nowadays I solely focus on tableware design. You can find out more about my company at info.
Photoseries like “Pluk” and “Gradient” can be purchased on this website in the shop.
My tableware designs are sold by other parties, these are mentioned per product. For more information you can always get in touch.
Mieke Cuppen - Sier disposables - tableware ontwerp   Carrot split - fotoserie PLUK
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