GASTRO five years

Can you believe it!? I write this story in July 2019. Five years ago Gastro launched, the tableware line designed together with chef Ron Blaauw. This happened during an amazing lunch in Ron’s Gastrobar where the design was presented, this generated great response and marked the start in a delightful way.

Five years later this line is still going strong and can be found at many places. For hospitality professionals the line is available at Sligro and Horecasupply. For use at home you can order online at and Fonq. The fun thing about this is you stumble upon your design at unexpected places. From the little bar around the corner up to the most exclusive restaurant in Slovenia.

That’s why I would like to take you on a visual journey of the most beautiful and stunning dishes presented on this service and to the most surprising and delicious places where I spotted Gastro.

Let’s start at the very beginning: an impression of the lunch where Gastro was launched. Naturally this was at Ron Gastrobar, the restaurant that set the trend for casual and culinairy gastrobars in The Netherlands.

Maybe I should save best for last, but I won't, the most impressive restaurant where I saw Gastro is Hisa Franko in the Soča Valley in Slovenia. In June 2018 I enjoyed dinner at this place, an mindblowing culinairy experience. Ana Roš is the chef of this restaurant, in 2017 she was announced best female chef, at the moment the restauarnt ranks at no. 48 in The World's 50 Best and you might know her from the Netflix series Chef's Table. Pretty cool she's using Gastro in her restaurant right?

These wonderful photos are made by different people who had the joy of experiencing the same culinairy experience as me. From top to bottom and, on large screen, left to right:
Sarah Monschein,
Jurgen Westerhoff,
Milly Kenny-Rider of the blog ThouroughlyModernFamily,
photographer Suzan Gabrijan and
Marta Sandini.

Ron Blaauw set the trend for easy going, culinairy gastrobars. Many followed his example and Ron himself opened more new restaurants with a variety of international kitchens. One of them is Ron Gastrobar Indonesia, Jesaja Hizkia Hutubessy made these gorgeous pictures for this place.

This whole page could be filled with pictures taken at Ron Gastrobar. Here a few of my favourites, Eigenlijk zou ik deze hele pagina alleen al kunnen vullen met foto's genomen bij Ron Gastrobar. Here are a few of my favourites, coincidental or not, made by a real foodie and a stylist: first and third picture by Elizabeth on Food, second and fourth by Maaike Koster of MyDeer.

In my own town Rotterdam I also run into my tableware sometimes. I always forget to take pictures at these moment. Luckily Asian noodlebar Noo.Me made some delicious shots. Mmm, I immediately feel like going again!

And sometimes you're just having a beer at the cafe around the corner when visiting your parent and your bites are being served in you own tableware. It sure makes it extra tasty :)

It's so nice when people prepare and plate some beautiful dishes at home and share these. Look how good these dishes of Anne Fleur Sanders look!

Creating this story was a true kill-your-darlings process, I think I will create a second version soon. Can you not get enough? Have a look at my Instagram page or on Wescover.

One more to finish it...
Made at Hisa Franko by PlaceboForte.

Did you stumble upon Gastro somewhere? Send me a picture, I love that!

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