Depth in a silhouette

Torii evolved from a simple two-dimensional shape: an arc with two lines. This silhouette unfolded into a multifunctional object. The result is a brass tray with many functions. It’s an eyecatcher for your home, kitchen or on the dining table. To be used during dinner for presenting cutlery, napkins or special dishes like sushi or dessert. At other times the dish can be used for what gets left behind or what must be taken along, such as pens, keys or fruit.

The model is manufactured in brass, a mixture of copper and zinc. This produces a coppery-yellow colour with a soft, matte glow. The horizontal lines provide extra depth and enhance the design process. The feet are thicker than the dish itself and give the design a sturdy appearance.

Brass is meant to be used. If it contacts harder materials, light markings can occur, this makes the dish even more beautiful. Torii has a food-safe coating, so that it can be used for serving hot and cold food.

Urban Nature Culture
The dish is included in the collection of Urban Nature Culture and presented under UNC x Mieke Cuppen. UNC is a Dutch interior design brand with a focus on sustainable production. The tray is available in two sizes. A large version 13 x 5 x 40 cm and a small version measuring 7 x 3 x 20 cm. They price is respectively € 89,95 and € 39,95 and can be purchased online at the UrbanNatureCulture shop.

Want to know more about the process? Check out the Torii Story.

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